This changes everything.

Elevating sports floor technology.

VERT resilient flooring material provides the highest level of vibration reduction for any floor. Its unique molecular structure allows it to absorb vibrations at unprecedented rates.

Less vibrations equal a better floor.

A floor built with VERT can absorb vibrations better than any other material available on the market today. Period.
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Lower vibrations are the key to better floors.

VERT has been shown to decrease initial impacts to athletes by over 70% and chronic vibrations by almost 40% - all with padding that's 50% thinner than standard.
HDT™ weight
Typical wood core weight
3 X
More stable
Compression Set Resistance
Compression Set Resistance of VERT
Compression Set Resistance of others
2 x
VERT is 2x more resiliant than other materials currently used in the flooring market. Roll out the bleachers - and leave them out.
VERT is more resilient. Roll out the bleachers - and leave them out.
Over 70% lower impact transmitted to the athlete.
Current "high-end" floor in current use.
~70 %
Lower impact
VERT decreases the shock transmitted back to an athlete by over 70%.
Less shock is transmitted back to an athlete with VERT.

US15/859,933 & US16/198,596

Good vibrations. A floor with VERT is tuned to feel like a normal floor, while decreasing vibrations and impacts.

It's also incredibly resilient and can withstand long-term pressure from bleachers of service lifts.

The inside scoop

The idea of VERT was actually borrowed from the ski industry. A similiar material, classified as a 'non-newtonian' polymer, was being used by a high-end ski company. We've been working together to make it available in the flooring market.

It's an exciting new application of an engineered material.
VERT was inspired by vibration-absorbing skis from Renoun.

We've adapted the technology to work in indoor courts, and beyond.

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